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Apartment Search 101
Roger Young has been in the apartment rental business for more than 20 years in Brockport. Below are some of the questions he is most frequently asked by students.

When should I start my apartment search?

"The earlier the better. The nicest and most conveniently located apartments are rented first. Most students start looking early February, but a few look before leaving campus in December."

What determines the cost for an apartment?

"There are a number of factors. Most important are location and condition. An apartment that is well taken care of and close to campus will likely cost more. The size of the apartment itself and the individual rooms also impact cost. In many of my apartments some rooms have different rates based on size."

What features are important when looking for an apartment?

"The answer to this question is both personal preference and financial ability. Following are basic elements of an apartment; it is up to you to determine what is most important.

Location --how far are you willing to walk to class everyday?
Size --what size room and common space is suitable for you and your budget?
Condition --is it well taken care of? newly painted? or a place that hasn't been fixed up in 10 years?
Amenities --conveniences like a dishwasher and washer/dryer may make apartment living easier"

Where should I look for apartment availability information?

"There are a number of resources including the Brockport Student Government website, The Stylist newspaper advertisements and of course It is also important to talk to your friends who are currently living off campus to see how they like the house or apartment they are living in."

Does it matter if the apartment has gas or electric utilities?

"For the most part no. The important thing is to turn out the lights when you go out, keep the heat at 68-70 degrees (lower at night if you can) and make sure you keep the storm windows closed."

How do I make sure to get my security deposit back at the end of the year?

"A general rule is to leave the apartment in the condition that it was when you moved in."

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